Gold & Turquoise Dresser

I promised myself that I wouldn’t take on another “project” piece for a long time after the vanity I just posted about.  She was an incredible amount of work but totally worth it. I saved something that someone might have thrown in the dumpster.  She was a real mess, I mean the kind with hair stuck deep in the paint.  This dresser was no field trip either, there was hair in this one too.  What’s the deal y’all? If you’re going to paint wear a pony tail or a lunch lady hair net. Just kidding but seriously, this will be the last one for a while, well unless I find a mess of a piece for a $1.00

Here is a before picture.

Nice, right? NOT… This picture does NOT reflect the paint job she had.  Brush lines galore and paint flaking off. That can be nice if that’s the look you’re going for or if it’s intentional but this was not that kind of job.   Although she had a bad makeup job, she has one of the nicest shapes I’ve seen on a dresser in person.  It’s a tall one and the drawers are deep and have such a nice curvy appeal to them.

Here she is in the process.

This is after I applied layers and layers of Citristrip (click to see video tutorial) and sanded every inch of her to get out all of the brush marks, drip marks and to smooth out all the areas where the paint had flaked off.

I sprayed two layers of Twilight Meadow, it’s a Valspar color you can get at Lowes, however, I had Home Depot match it and used Behr instead. I like it better.  Then I used a wash technique using the color Treasure by Americana Decor, a new chalky finish sold by Home Depot online. After that, came the metallic gold. I repeated this step twice. At the very end I did one more wash in Treasure to blend all of the layers.

Lastly, I taped all of my hard work off and stained the top in an Ebony finish by Minwax.  After I let it dry for quite sometime I did a wash on top of that in Treasure to give it a bleached look in a complimentary color. I also painted the edges of the top in gold.

The Finale

I used a large stencil on all of the areas you see here. I just took pieces of it and taped it off on the areas I wanted to add detail.  I used a paint tray and roller to roll the paint over the stencil.  I put all of the colors mentioned above and black on my paint tray and randomly rolled my paint roller on them blotted the excess paint on a paper towel and went at it.  That’s how I got some dimension to the detail.


Every time I walk through my garage I can’t help but stare! Loving the Turquoise Dresser! What do you think?


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